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Carbon Construction

Designed by a composites engineer, the Altered Carbon handguard was specifically constructed to maximize strength and rigidity. By utilizing an optimized 3k twill and unidirectional layup pattern the Altered Carbon handguard is one of the strongest and lightest handguards around.

Anodized Aluminum

Using 7075-T6 military grade aluminum allows for one of the lightest and strongest mounting solutions on the market. The anodized end caps can add a splash of color to the end of your barrel and personalize your build while still maintaining a refined, stealth look.

Anti Rotation Cutouts

Through the use of our clamp style mounting and extended barrel anti-rotation arms, once you clock your mount and attach your barrel, it will never move again!

Tech Specifications

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  1. Install barrel nut and tighten to:
  2. Clock mount
  3. Tighten mount to
  4. Install gas tube & block
  5. Install handguard

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